Cake Decorating is a beautifully illustrated weekly magazine series full of inspirational cake decorating ideas and projects.  Each issue is packed with easy-to-follow instructions, essential recipes, plus basic techniques and the all important expert tips!  From birthday cake designs to cupcake decorations, Cake Decorating gives you perfect results every time!

Your Cake Decorating Tool Collection

Each issue of Cake Decorating brings you high quality tools and equipment. Every tool in the collection can be used to help create a number of exciting projects. There is at least one featured project from the magazine linked to the covermounted tool or accessory. Issue 1 comes with two pink resin-coated butterfly cutters, pink glitter plus a great FREE flat-packed pink gingham cup-cake stand.

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Your Tool Collection

  • Cutters - Colourful resin coated cutters ideal for cutting dough shapes and delicate sugarpaste cake decorations
  • Modelling tools - Double-ended tools help you craft and create intricate cake toppers and decorations
  • Icing nozzles - Pipe fantastic decorative details and effects using the nozzles provided in Cake Decorating
  • Piping bags - These come with issue 2 to get you started
  • Embossers - These allow you to press an instant design or pattern into your icing - an easy way to add intricate details to your cakes and cookies
  • Couplers - Handy to use with your piping bags when you are interchanging your nozzles for more intricate designs.
  • Modelling tool storage case - Store your modelling tools in this neat case
  • Nozzle storage case - A useful case to store all your nozzles
  • Cupcake stand - Perfect to display your cupcakes in style
  • Stencils - Offer a simple, effective way to decorate cakes with complex designs
  • Pink Glitter - Add sparkle and glitz to any decorative cake topper
  • Mini rolling pin embossers- A wonderful way to make intricate designs with sugarpaste

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